Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday, September 2

Hello Preschool Parents!

I was finally able to figure out how to get the blog going! YAY!

I will post, daily, to let you know what your preschoolers did throughout the day.
This week is color week. The two colors that we focused on today were BLUE and ORANGE!

During circle time we talked about different things we knew that were ORANGE and BLUE. We came up with things like bluebirds, the sky, the ocean, oranges and carrots! We sang songs and used the Smartboard to help us practice our colors even more.

During centers, we painted a BLUE ocean and put a little ORANGE fish swimming around. As we painted, we talked about the ocean being BLUE and the fish being ORANGE. At the block center we used BLUE and ORANGE blocks to build. The sensory table has been a huge hit in our classroom. This week we have rice in our table and hidden inside are different colored items (blocks, letters, numbers, critters) corresponding with the colors of the day. It is the job of the children to use our scoopers and cups to find these items hidden in the rice. Although it made a bit of a mess, they had so much fun exploring in this center.
Today in our writing center, we continued to work on our color books. We used BLUE and ORANGE construction paper along with BLUE and ORANGE pictures from magazines to continue creating our color books!

At Jesus time today we talked about all of the things that God created. We created a poster during our discussion so that we could see and remember all of the wonderful things that God made!

These preschoolers continue to surprise me each day!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole