Terrific Thursday

This morning we learned more animals that love in the Rainforest. We found that many species of monkey live here. One monkeys howl can be heard for 3 miles. Can your preschooler tell you which monkey it is?

During centers we spend a lot of time working on our monkey’s. We made paper chains for their arms and legs, painted a face and added eyes, nose and mouth. These are on display with our other Rainforest animals in the hallway. Come and check them out.

During Jesus time we read the story of Jesus Ascension in our Story Bible. Ask your preschooler if they can remember what the word Ascension means.

Another rainy day meant extra playtime In the gym and the classroom. We all look forward to the next time we can play outside!

It was great to see some of you at mom’s night tonight!
See you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Wonderful Wednesday

We continued our Rainforest theme today by learning about the snakes that live in the Rainforest. We looked at many different pictures of the colorful snakes. We also learned about the Anaconda and that it is the biggest snake in the Rainforest. We used yarn to measure how long the Anaconda was and were amazed to find that it was as long as our classroom.

During Jesus time, we continued talking about Jesus Ascension into heaven.

We have been working on portfolio projects this week to finalize our portfolios. These will be ready to send home our last week of school!

This rainy Wednesday was spent inside. Our recess included extra free play in our room and a room down the hall. The preschoolers enjoyed this extra playtime!

Don’t forget Friday, May 26th is he closing program at school. All preschoolers, parents and others are invited. We will be singing songs and watching a video to celebrate a wonderful year!

Tip-Top Tuesday

We continued our Rainforest theme again today. We talked about the word habitat, and that it means a place with a certain weather pattern, where plants, animals and humans can live. We learned the Rainforest habitat is hot, humid and wet.
We read about another animal that lives in the Rainforest. Ask your preschooler if they remember.

Today we made poison dart frogs or red eyes tree frogs. We painted small paper plates and will be adding legs and eyes. Look for these on display in the hallway.

We went on a nature walk this morning to find greens to fill our sensory tub. We learned that the Rainforest is filled with many trees and plants, so we are trying to make sure our sensory tub is just like it!

During chapel, we had a lesson on peace. We learned that we can have peace because we know that Jesus is always with us.

See you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Marvelous Monday

This week is Rainforest Week. We are exploring anything and everything Rainforest!

We read “The Umbrella” during storytime. In this story we learned of many animals in the Rainforest. Can your preschooler name any?

We made toucans as our project we used paint and paper plates to make them. We used a picture from our story to help make our toucans look “real”. We are making a Rainforest display in the hallway. All of our crafts this week will go to decorate there!

During centers we played a game called “What’s Missing”. In this game we used Rainforest Magnets. The preschoolers partnered up and each observed the magnets that were set out. One partner would then take away one magnet, then the other would have to guess which one was missing.

We have continued practicing our Butterfly song! This is coming along very well!

This week during Jesus time, we will be learning about Jesus Ascension into heaven.

We will continue our Rainforest theme throughout the week!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole