Terrific Thursday

Today we learned about ladybugs! The preschoolers have been excited to find out what insect we would be learning about. We learned some facts about the ladybug and were fascinated by the colorful outer shell. Ask your preschooler if they remember what each set of ladybug wings do.

Potatoes made great lady bug shapes. We used red paint to create the shape onto paper. When dry, each preschooler gave their ladybug a unique spotted pattern. You can find our ladybugs in the hallway with the other insects that we have created.

A favorite center of the day was making our own bugs and insects out of play-doh. Googly eyes, straws, marker kids and glue lids helped to make each bug/insect unique.

During Jesus time, we did an action poem to review our story of Jesus meeting his friends on the road to Emmaus. Ask your preschooler if they can tell/act out any parts of the story.

We read “The Very Lazy Ladybug” today and met a ladybug that was too lazy to fly. This was a fun and silly book. Ask your preschooler what their favorite part of the story was.

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See you tomorrow.

Miss O’Toole

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