Marvelous Monday

This week we are learning about weather. We started our week with clouds. We briefly talked about the different kinds of clouds we see in the sky. We also talked about some of the shapes we can see in the sky. We read Little Cloud by Eric Carle and noticed that clouds can change.

Our project of the day was to create our own clouds. We did some symmetry painting to create these clouds. We folded a piece of paper in half as used white paint to make our cloud shapes. After painting we folded our paper over to see the print the cloud made on the other side. We had many different cloud shapes, dogs, flowers, butterflies etc.

Our other centers were:
-W yarn book page
-name writing for portfolios
-building W with wooden pieces
-counting clouds and making shapes out of clouds

During Jesus time we began talking about a man named Zaccheus. We knew that Zachcheus didn’t have many people who liked him because he was a tax collector. But Jesus came to visit and Zaccheus changed his life. Ask your preschooler what Zaccheus did to make this change.


We are excited to be working with Pastor Larson on expanding the Early Childhood Center at St. Lucas. On Thursday, March 9, we have scheduled a photoshoot with a trusted photographer to capture images of our facility and kids. If possible, please prepare your child like you would on picture day. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Megan Arnold, Marketing and Outreach Director, at 314-832-1244 ext 12 or

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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