Marvelous Monday

We started our morning with a discussion about community helpers. We talked about how a helper is someone who helps and a community is a place where people lov, work and play. Our first community helped we learned about was a doctor. We know that a doctor is someone who helps keep us healthy and gives us check-ups. We watched a video on the Smartboard about a day in the life of a doctor.

While watching the video we noticed some of the tools that the doctor used. We created our own tool to use during our dramatic play time; a stethoscope.

Our other centers were:
-patterning, sorting and matching counters to cards
-letter N yarn book
-dramatic play in our dentist/doctor office center

During Jesus time, we continued to talk about how Jesus loves all little children and wants to make time for them. As your preschooler what we used to help tell the story of Jesus and the little children.

We did a lot of singing during our music time. The preschoolers loved signing and dancing so much!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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