Fantastic Friday

We started our day with a circle time activity about measuring. We talked about what the word measure or measuring means. Some preschoolers said you can tell how tall you are, you can measure things when you work. These were GREAT answers! We used connecting cubes to measure some things together at the carpet. The preschoolers really enjoyed this activity and were excited to find out it would be a center! Measuring will be a concept we continue to work on during the month of January.

During center time we:

-Reviewed letters we have learned this year by matching the letter to the correct letter card
-Measured other objects using cubes around the room like a paintbrush, pencil, glue stick and glue bottle
-Built towers out of blocks and used the blocks to measure one another

Our project of the day was to make the wise men that visited Jesus after His birth. This project was a great shape and color review. We also did this project as with group instructions, instead of individually. The preschoolers did a wonderful job following group directions!

During Jesus time, we used our Story Bible to read the story of the wisemen traveling to see Jesus. We learned that the day the wisemen arrived was given a special name. Ask your preschooler if they can remember the name!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss O’Toole