Marvelous Monday

This morning we celebrated our 100th day of school! The preschoolers were so impressed that they had been in school for so long! We started by talking about something that we would want 100 of and then had some special centers, stacking and building with 100 cups, building with 100 stack cubes and building with 100 sugar cubes! During snack time we counted out 100 Cheerios and Fruit Loops.

In addition to our 100th day celebration, we began our space theme with a day about the moon. We learned the moon is made of dust and that it is a big rock. Ask your preschooler if they remember what happens when other rocks hit the moon’s surface.

Our centers today were:

-making a moon with puffy paint and making rocks with craters and our fingers
-yarn book letter A
-writing center with space cutting, coloring and tracing sheets
-moon sand sensory tub

During Jesus time, we began the discussion about our story for the week. We talked about a man who was wounded and many people passing by left him and didn’t help, until one good man stopped to help. The preschoolers were very interested in this and thought the people who left him were unkind and thought of ways that they could have been kind.

Don’t forget to return your portfolios and progress reports this week!

See you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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