Wonderful Wednesday

We started our day by talking more about our letter B. We sang our letter B song (ask your preschooler to sing it for you)! We also used our mystery bucket to find EVEN MORE words that start with B. I gave clues about what was in our mystery bucket and the preschoolers guessed each item!

Another discussion we had was about Arctic animals. We watched a video about Penguins and learned many things about them. We focused on how Penguins stay warm in the winter when they dive into the cold sea to look for food. We found that their feathers and a silly word blubber keep them warm. We experimented with blubber (crisco in a plastic bag) to see the difference on our skin with and without blubber. Each preschooler had a chance to put their hand in the icy water without the blubber and each had the same reaction “THAT’S COLD”, when they put the blubber over their hand, they found that they did not feel the cold water like they did without!

During center time, we made our own penguins using paper and puffy paint (equal parts shaving cream and glue)! The preschoolers always get excited when we get to use puffy paint! When the preschoolers had assembled their penguins and added the puffy paint, they went to see our special visitor, Mrs. Klug for a question, What would you do if you were a penguin? We got some great answers that showed the preschoolers had learned so much about penguins! These will be drying at school and hanging in the hallway! Come and check them out.

During Jesus time we had a visit from Zippy. Zippy told us about how he had visited his mom, who works at the hospital. Zippy said it made him happy to see his mom and the other nurses and doctors helping so many sick people. We thanked God for giving us people like doctors and nurses and for giving us medicine and machines to make people better.

We also read books about penguins. “I am Small” “The Little Penguin” and “March of the Penguins”. Ask your preschooler which book was their favorite.

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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