Terrific Thursday

During circle time, we watched a short video on the Smartboard that taught us more about the Native Americans, Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. The preschoolers loved watching the video and answering questions about it after.

We talked more about the letter S, sang our song and played a guessing game. In my jar I had many items that started with the letter S. I described each, and the preschoolers would take turns guessing it. They were able to correctly guess every item. Ask if they can remember some of the items in the jar.

Our project of the day was to make colorful jewelry like the Native Americans wore. We used colorful noodles, yarn and plastic needles to make these necklaces.

Some centers of the day were a coloring center, Thanksgiving card matching center and cutting out pictures that start with the letter s and gluing them on the letter S. I have noticed great improvement on the preschoolers cutting skills so far this year!

We began making placemats for Thanksgiving today. Next week, I will send home the finished product.

During Jesus time, I read the story of the Bronze Serpent to the preschoolers. Ask if they can remember any details from the story.

Next week we will be on Thanksgiving Break from Wednesday 25-Friday 27. There will be no school on these days!

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow.

Miss O’Toole

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