Terrific Thursday

The preschoolers were excited for another day of Pete the Cat! As each book comes along it seems that they love Pete anymore! Today our story was “Pete the Cat and the Magic Sunglasses”. Ask your preschooler what this story was about.

Our project of the day was to magic “magic” sunglasses for Pete. I loved the happy expressions the preschoolers put on Pete’s face and the whiskers too 🙂

During Jesus time, I recited a poem to the preschoolers all about Moses and the Israelites in the desert. Ask your preschooler if they can recall details from the poem.

Our centers today were:
-Working on fine motor skills like lacing, buttoning and zipping
-Playing a shoe matching game with friends
-Cutting and pasting pieces of paper to make a quilt
-Letter Q dobber sheet
-Pete the Cat puzzle (this has been a favorite all week)

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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