Terrific Thursday

This morning we began our circle time with a discussion about 911. I pulled out my supply of phones and each of the children had a turn to practice dialing 911. I put these in the dramatic play center to encourage the use of the phones then. We practiced our “911 song”. Ask your preschooler to sing it to you!

Our project of the day was to paint phones. These can be used at home to continue practicing 911. As an extension you can teach your child their phone number and have them dial it on the phone!

During center time, I saw many fireman coming to the rescue and many preschoolers dialing 911 to call a fireman to help! We also wrote in our notebooks, I saw many pictures of firetrucks, fire hoses, fireman and fires!

At Jesus time, I told a story of Joseph and his brothers and used simple pictures to represent a glad, sad and mad day. Ask your preschoolers if they can tell you about the story.

To end our day, we read the story “I Want To Be a Firefighter”. This book explored a firehouse and the duties of a fireman. At the end of the story many preschoolers said they wanted to be a firefighter when they grow up!

Don’t forget to sign up for a parent teacher conference before October 20th!

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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