Tip-Top Tuesday

Today we continued our theme of fire safety. The preschoolers are enjoying this theme and love learning about firefighters.

Today we talked about ways to put out fires. I heard many preschoolers say water or water from a hose. We talked about another way to put fires out, a fire extinguisher. This talk inspired our project of the day which was to make a fire extinguisher. We used puffy paint (equal parts shaving cream and glue) to create the substance that comes out of the extinguisher. Once dry, these will be hung in the hallway on display!

During centers, I saw so many fireman wearing hats and putting out fires and driving their fire trucks around. This was such a fun time for the preschoolers.

Our math center was a sorting center in which the preschoolers sorted straws from biggest to smallest. They did such a great job with this sorting.

During Jesus time, we continued talking about Joseph. We learned that Joseph was accused of lying and was sent to jail, even though he did nothing wrong. Even though Joseph was scared, he knew that the Lord was with him and watching over him. We compared this to our lives when we were scared or sad but we knew that God was with us!

We ended our day with a story and some song time. We practiced a song about the number 911. We know that we only use this number when there is an emergency. Ask your preschooler to sing the song for you!

Here are some photos from center time!








Have a great day! See many of you tomorrow.

Miss O’Toole

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