Wonderful Wednesday

Preschool Parents,

Today we learned about our sense of smell. We talked about how we smell with our nose and shared things that we can smell. Many preschoolers said hotdogs!
We used our Smartboard to play a game called 5 senses! The preschoolers loved choosing the sense that matched each description.

During center time we:

-Painted at the easel using scented paint (paint, water and kool-aid mix) engage in our sense of smell
-Used geoboards and rubberbands to make letters (great fine motor skill)
-Built Mr. Potato head (this has been a favorite center)
-Stamped silly faces onto paper and talked about senses as we added different parts of the face

Ms. Ronda and I called each preschooler over to practice name writing. We have been working on name recognition and many of the preschoolers have done a wonderful job learning their names. We will continue to work on this and track the progress of our name writing!

Look for a parent teacher conference sign up sheet outside the classroom at the end of this week!

Miss O’Toole

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