Marvelous Monday

This week we are learning all about our 5 senses.

The preschoolers were excited to learn about this! We used Mr. Potato head to talk about our five senses and talked about what each sense helped us to do! This topic seemed very interesting to the preschoolers.

Today we focused on sight and talked about all of the things we can see with our eyes! Our project of the day was to create a mirror so that we can SEE ourselves! The preschoolers loved these projects.

Our centers of the day were:
-Building our review letters out of our wooden pieces
-Using our hands to talk about how objects feel and using those descriptive words
-Building Mr. Potato Head and talking about five senses

During Jesus time we met our Bible characters of the week, Jacob and Esau. The preschoolers are eager to learn more about these two as the week goes on.






See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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