Tip-Top Tuesday

This week we are learning all about the different parts of our body. Today we talked about bones and that they give shape to our body. We talked about what our hands would look like without bones and used a visual of a glove filled with water! This showed the preschoolers that bones hold us up. Ask your preschooler what our bones do for us.

During circle time we looked in our letter bag, which was filled with items that start with the letter I. We had items like ice cube tray, an invitation and an ink pen!

Our project of the day was to a hand with bones! Each preschooler had their hand traced and then added bones (q-tips) to the hand shape! The preschoolers are doing a great job using just the right amount of glue.

Some fun centers we did today was a paper snipping center with scissors and tracing our names to prepare for writing them! The preschoolers did a great job with this.

During Jesus time we talked about the child that God provided for Abraham and Sarah. We learned what a promise is and that just as God kept his promise to Abraham, He will keep his promises to us.

Here are some pictures from our fun day at school!




See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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