Wonderful Wednesday

Our color of the day today was pink! We had a bag full of pink items from around the room like pink flowers, a pink pig and some pink blocks. We also noticed that many of the girls had pink on!

Our project of the day was a handprint pink flamingo. Miss Ronda and I took time to paint each of the preschoolers hands and turned it into a flamingo.

Our centers of the day were:
-building the letter H with blocks
-patterning and color matching
-ice melting and color mixing
-building Noah’s Ark with wooden blocks, tools and stuffed animals



During Jesus time, we had a small chapel service in the classroom and thanked God for all of His creation. After that we talked more about Noah and the Ark and listened to our song “Noah”. The preschoolers had fun dancing and singing to this song.

Tomorrow we will continue with the color black!

See many of you then.

Miss O’Toole

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