Marvelous Monday

This week we started our shapes theme in preschool. We started our week with circles. We learned that circles have a round edge that keeps going and going. We learned a shape poem from our friend Suzy circle and will continue to learn more with each shape that is introduced.

During centers we focused greatly on circles. In our building center, there was a circle taped on the ground and the preschoolers used blocks to build and trace around the circle. The preschoolers were so focused and loved working in this center. Our three other centers were:
-A shape beading and lacing center (to work on those fine motor skills)
– Circle stamping center (as seen in pictures below)
– Circle dobber center (pre-writing)

The letter F was introduced today as our friend Sam brought the letter bag. Sam shared things like a FLAG, FORK and FLOWER. We also sang our letter of the week song and practiced making the letter F sound. The preschoolers sat down at the table and we made the next page for our yarn ABC book.

During Jesus time we continued talking about how God created the world. We learned that God didn’t need any supplies or materials to create the world. He only needed His Word.



See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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