Fantastic Friday

We have completed our first week! It was a wonderful first week and I feel so blessed to be teaching such a wonderful group of preschoolers!

This morning we used the Smartboard for the first time! The preschoolers eyes were glued to the screen as we did a lesson on how to use our whole bodies to listen and learn. When the lesson was over each preschooler had a chance to come up to the Smartboard to play a crayon counting game! They were all so eager and some even said “IT WAS LIKE MAGIC” 🙂

Our project for today continued our theme of getting to know our friends. We did a painting project called “Friendship Art”. In this project I had each paper right next to another and the preschoolers were able to help their friends paint! They had fun putting their touches on each friends paper!



I hope you have a great weekend!

Miss O’Toole

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