Wonderful Wednesday

The preschoolers started their day by coloring a coffee filter with blue, purple and green. Once the entire coffee filter was colored the preschoolers used a pipette to drip water all over the filter. The preschoolers then got to see how their colors mixed and spread. We left these to dry.

During circle time, we used our weekly reader to read and learn all about dolphins. We learned that dolphins are mammals and learned that dolphins like to travel in groups called pods! The preschoolers were so interested in learning about dolphins and loved watching the videos of them swimming. We played a sorting game on the Smartboard and the preschoolers had to decide if an animal belonged in the ocean or on the farm. The preschoolers were so excited to have a chance at this game.

During center time, some of the favorite centers seemed to be; a fine motor buttoning, zipping and lacing center, writing letters in sand and a color matching octopus game.

After our projects were dry, I added a dolphin cutout to the center of each coffee filter. These were hung on the windows to make beautiful sun catchers! Check them out as you and your preschooler come into the building!

Have a great evening and see you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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