Fantastic Friday

The preschoolers started their fun Friday by using playdough. They used playdough cutters and rolling pins to make different things out of their playdough.

During circle time we discussed our final mode of transportation; a boat. We talked about where boats travel. We also talked about different kinds of boats like canoes, speedboats (boats with a motor) and sailboats. We also did an activity in which the preschoolers were given a sticker (car, boat, plane, train) and had to decide if it traveled in air, land or water.

Our project of the day was to paint a milk carton that was in the shape of a boat. After that Mrs. Wolfgram and I helped the preschoolers to put the rest of the boat together.

Our centers of the day were:
-Seeing if items would sink or float in the sensory table
-Using boats and blocks in the block center to take people and animals from place to place
-Sorting boats, planes, cars and trains by where they travel
-Building the letter M using M&M’s and marshmallows
-Kitchen and train
-Reading and Writing

We also made books called Things That Go. On each page the preschoolers had to add a sticker that matched the scene. These were fun to make and will be fun for them to look at.

During Jesus time we sang a song and did a dance of praise to Jesus. After that we went to the tables to do an activity. The preschoolers wrote their name on a green “palm leaf” and then when we came back, added it to our own palm branch. We used this to pray for each of our preschoolers and will hang it on our door as a reminder that there is always a reason to pray.

Have a great weekend!

Miss O’Toole

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