Terrific Thursday

We started our day off with some Playdough. How appropriate with the letter of the week being P!

During circle time the preschoolers were excited to find out what kind of opposites they would be talking about today. This morning we talked about hot and cold. The preschoolers shared some things that they knew were hot and things they knew that were cold. We read a book called “Clifford’s Opposites” to end our morning circle time.

During Jesus time today, we talked about what it means to serve others. We learned that Jesus served his disciples and even though he is JESUS, He still chose to serve. We talked about someways that we could serve others at home and at school! Our Jesus time activity was to create coupon books. These coupon books are for our mom’s and dad’s and can be used at anytime! The preschoolers signed their papers to make it official 🙂

Our project of the day was to paint a picture of an ice cream cone and a campfire. After doing this, the preschoolers had to decide whether each was hot or cold. They then glued it into the appropriate spot.

Our centers of the day were:

-Popsicle alphabet matching
-number card matching
-bead sequencing
-writing in our notebooks
-pom pom transfer center (fine motor)
-kitchen center

Don’t forget to have your child “DRESS LIKE A CELEBRITY” tomorrow for our final spirit day of Lutheran School’s Week!

Check your newsletters for important information regarding next week!

Miss O’Toole

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