Wonderful Wednesday

The preschoolers started their day by gluing puzzle pieces to the letter P. They had fun picking and choosing different colors and trying to fit the pieces together!

During circle time we read a story called “You and Me: We’re Opposites”. The preschoolers loved telling me the opposite of each word in the story. The preschoolers and I also moved in ways that were opposite. They had so much fun, just as they have all week! We did another sorting game and had to decide what items belong in the day and what items in the night! The preschoolers also shared things that we do during the day and things that we do at night.

Gigi shared the letter bag! She brought in a PIG, PAW PATROL PUPPY, PENCIL and a PENNY! What wonderful p words!

Pastor Biber led us in a chapel service today! The preschoolers loved learning a new song from Pastor (it was sung in Portuguese) the words were tricky, but they had a great time with the actions.

Our project of the day was to create a day and night scene. The preschoolers were given stickers, pictures and crayons and were asked to decide where each item belonged! They did a great job showing the difference between a day and night scene!

Our centers of the day were:
-number matching puzzles (matching numerals to quantity)
– alphabet matching puzzles (matching pictures and sounds to letter)
-bead sequencing (matching beads to a pattern given)
-kitchen center
-writing center (preschoolers drew pictures in their notebooks)
-doll houses (the preschoolers had 2 houses, in one house they pretended it was day and in the other, night)

We finished our day by reading “My “p” book”. We heard many P words and had fun making the P sound!

Tomorrow is Western Day! Hope to see your child dressed in their best gear!

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

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