Tip-Top Tuesday

Today the preschoolers started their day in a very “P” way! They colored a PIGGY bank PINK and put PENNIES inside!
Many of the preschoolers were so excited to talk about words that start with the letter P!

During circle time this morning, we talked about more opposites! Today we specifically focused on BIG and LITTLE. We sorted big and little items! The preschoolers had it mastered :). We also did some movements that were opposites like moving fast and slow, jumping up and down, etc.

Our centers of the day were:
-sorting pom poms that were big and little
-measuring items using unifix cubes
-manipulating playdough onto a P mat
-writing center (P Q-tip)
-building big and small towers in the block center
-kitchen center
-sand table with scoops, shells and sandollars

Our project of the day was to paint something big and something little. Some of us made big and little circles, while others made big superheros and little superheros!


Tomorrow is DRESS YOUR BEST day for National Lutheran Schools week! Send your preschooler in their nicest outfit 🙂

Please turn in your Dad’s Night RSVP’s by February 2nd.

Yearbook forms are due soon! Don’t forget to buy yours today!

Have a great evening.

Miss O’Toole

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