Marvelous Monday

We started our morning with a letter P coloring sheet. I saw many different colors and designs going onto these P’s. Some of our friends noted that the colors purple and pink start with P.

During circle time we began talking about the letter P. We made it with our fingers, drew it in the air and practiced making the sound P makes. After this we talked about what opposites are. This was tough for us to pick up at first but when given examples the preschoolers were on top of it! We moved around in opposite ways, up and down, fast and slow, etc. We also played an opposites matching game on the Smartboard.

During National Lutheran School’s Week this week we will be using some devotions in place of our normal Jesus time material. Today we spent some time talking about prayer. We talked about places we can pray (home,school, doctor’s office) and then discussed the “Five Finer Prayer”. We talked about how our hands can help us remember what to pray for. Mrs. Wolfgram and I pulled the preschoolers aside and asked them about things they would like to pray for. They told us and we wrote them down on hand templates! These will be put on our door to decorate and will be sent home on Friday!

Our project of the day dealt with opposites. We talked about dirty and clean. On hand on our paper was really dirty (we used brown paint to do this) and we had to figure out how to make it clean. We talked about how to make our hands clean when they are dirty and we decided it was by washing them. To show a clean hand, we used caps dipped in blue and white paint to signify soap and water.

Our centers of the day were:
-library and puzzle center
-P dobber sheet at the writing center
-P playdough mats
-sorting colors
– washing dirty clothes and hanging them up using clothespins
-washing dirty dishes and making them clean

Don’t forget to check the sheet that was sent home for National Lutheran School’s week!

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

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