Terrific Thursday

We started our morning with a letter matching sheet. The preschoolers peeled and placed stickers to match letters! They then flipped their papers over and practiced writing their names!

During Jesus time the kiddos watched a puppet show (performed by me) about our Bible story for the week. We also practiced a response prayer in which the preschoolers said “Lord have mercy”. They had fun practicing this type of response prayer!

Our centers of the day were:

-making snowmen out of playdough
-rolling dice and counting snowballs
-building igloos out of sugar cubes
-experimenting with ice, water and food coloring (we talked about the colors mixing, the ice melting and the way the ice felt)
-D Q-Tip sheet

Our project of the day was to create a snowy night scene on a piece of black paper! We used chalk and were so interested in how well it showed up on the paper!


Tomorrow is a half day (12:30) for full day students.

No school on Monday,January 18 in honor of MLK Jr. Day.

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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