Tip Top Tuesday

We started our day off by putting star stickers on our letter of the week, “S”. Some of us put the stickers on the inside and others tried to outline the s with stickers. We also wrote our names on the top in marker!

During Jesus time, we heard a story of how the wise men made heard of Jesus birth. We learned that they followed a star that led them to Jesus. We then took a journey around our classroom and followed the star just like the wise men. Our journey led us to our Christmas tree where we lit the candles on our advent wreath and then put the advent ornaments on our tree. We ended Jesus time by reading a story called “Goodnight, Manger”, where we heard the events of Jesus birth. The preschoolers loved this story and listened so well!

We rotated through centers which were a wrapping paper cutting center, blocks center (we built a path for the wise men to follow to baby Jesus, a kitchen (dramatic play center) and a sorting center using green, red and white pom poms. We also spent some time finishing up our gifts for you! These will be sent home by the end of this week!

**Don’t forget that we have our Christmas party tomorrow. Don’t forget to bring in your book for our book exchange. Only those who bring in a book will be able to participate!
**There is an early dismissal on Friday for full day students, at 12:30!

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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