Fantastic Friday

We started our day by decorating some white paper bags. We used Christmas stickers and stamps and wrote our names. (Some members of the church will collect these bags and will fill them with a treat for the preschoolers!) For those who made some yesterday, we did a fine motor activity at the table.

We rotated through our centers and added some new ones to some already done this week. We had a Playdough center (using green for G of course) with some Christmas themed cookie cutters. Mrs. Wolfgram worked with the preschoolers in the writing center and we painted the letter G. I worked at a center with the preschoolers and we made made a part of the Christmas gift that will be sent home for parents!

During Jesus time we talked about how we could share the love of Jesus with others just like the shepherds shared the good news of Jesus birth to all. We got into groups of two and shared some good news with partners.

Don’t forget about the Christmas concert on Sunday! I hope to see you all there!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Miss O’Toole

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