Terrific Thursday

We started our day by decorating some white paper bags. We used Christmas stickers and stamps and wrote our names. (Some members of the church will collect these bags and will fill them with a treat for the preschoolers!)

During Jesus time we learned how the shepherds had a long journey to find Jesus born in Bethlehem. We pretended that we were the shepherds who heard of Jesus birth. We went on a journey through our classroom to find Baby Jesus in Bethlehem! (We had a great time)

We took some time to make our letter G with q-tip writing. We chose to use the color green because it starts with G. 🙂

We rotated through our centers (just like always) and added some new ones to some already done this week. We had a Playdough center (using green for G of course) with some Christmas themed cookie cutters. We used our wooden blocks to build a stable for baby Jesus and in the center was Jesus laying in his manger. I worked with the preschoolers at a counting and number matching/recognition center!

We worked on our mural by painting some hills onto a large sheet of blue paper. The shepherds that we colored on Tuesday are glued on. Stop by to see our shepherds on their journey to find baby Jesus!

We ended our day with a Christmas counting book called “10 Trim-the-Tree’ers”. We had fun counting the ornaments that were put on the tree!

Don’t forget about the Christmas program on Sunday at the Ascension Campus! The program starts at 2 but please arrive by 1:45. Your child can sit with you until we begin to gather them at 1:55!

Have a great evening!

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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