Wonderful Wednesday

This morning we started with a fine motor activity of putting beads onto a pipe cleaner! We used red and clear beads (on a white pipe cleaner) to create a candy cane. These candy canes can be used as ornaments for the Christmas tree!

During circle time, we learned the story of the Candy Cane. Ask your preschooler if they can tell you what this story is.

Pastor Biber led us in chapel. We talked about joy and some things that bring us joy. We also were able to practice singing our Christmas songs in front of the Mom’s Day Out and Pastor! The preschoolers did an excellent job!

During centers we did some number recognition and matching using a new Christmas cookie game. Our project of the day was using red and white puffy paint to create our own candy canes! These are staying at school to dry. We worked with Mrs. Wolfgram at the writing center to make our letter G with dobbers and then drew something about Christmas in our notebooks! We were very creative.

To end our day we read a story called “God Gave us Christmas”. In this story we learned that Santa is not the focus of Christmas. God gave us Jesus and that is why we are able to celebrate!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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