Tip-Top Tuesday

The preschoolers started their day by putting sticker ornaments on tree. Peeling stickers and placing them on paper is a great fine motor activity!

Our friend Carter brought the G letter bag and had so many neat “G” items! He brought a globe, a gift, gum and a glove! (Ask your preschooler if they can remember any other items)

During Jesus time we learned how the shepherds heard the news of Jesus birth. As we listened we gave a thumbs up when we knew the shepherds were happy or excited. We gave a thumbs down when we knew the shepherds were scared or afraid. We knew that the shepherds could be happy because they were on their way to see Our Savior, Jesus!

During centers we used watercolors to paint the letter G! The preschoolers loved using the watercolors for the first time! We had a lacing center and laced fruit loops to decorate our tree. We used magnetic ABC letters to spell our names and used name cards to spell our friends names too! One of the favorite centers of the day was decorating the “mini” Christmas trees. The kiddos would decorate it, take the decorations off and do it all again!

Today we colored shepherds that will be used for a mural for the hallwa

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