Fantastic Friday

We started our day with some centers. We had some shape puzzles on the carpet, lacing cards, a bead and pipe cleaner center and a gingerbread man puzzle.

During circle time we talked some more about Advent and learned that the word meant “coming”. We talked about who/what was coming soon (I expected to hear Santa) but some answers I received were Jesus, God and Jesus birthday! GREAT ANSWERS!!!

Zippy visited during Jesus time and talked about how he was so excited for Christmas to come and to receive all of his presents! Although presents are nice, we discussed how JESUS was the best gift we could receive! He died to take away our sins so that we can go to HEAVEN! There is no greater gift! 🙂

During centers we did a science experiment to simulate how animals stay warm in the winter! Ask your child if they can tell you what we did.

Some friends who were not here yesterday made an Advent paper chain to help count the days until Christmas!

Have a blessed weekend!

Miss O’Toole

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