Tip Top Tuesday

The preschoolers started their day by coloring a picture of a queen. We discussed that queen starts with our letter of the week, Q.

After that we began circle time and read a story called “My First Thanksgiving”. In this story we learned why we celebrate Thanksgiving and what the first Thanksgiving celebration was like. We talked about somethings that we are thankful for and came up with grandmas, pets and food. We mentioned that we should also be thankful for everything God gives us.

Our centers of the day were:

Writing- The preschoolers used Q-Tips to practice writing letters.
Math- The preschoolers rolled dice and had to put the specified number of turkeys (brown pom poms) into their turkey pen (cupcake tray). The preschoolers used tweezers to transfer the objects.
Dramatic Play- The preschoolers pretended to be Pilgrims and Native Americans having their first Thanksgiving feast.
Project- Today we used (dyed) noodles to create Native American Jewelry as was seen in our circle time story. The preschoolers strung the beads onto string!
Blocks- The preschoolers had a free block center where they could build and create.

Moses visited us today during Jesus time. He told us a bit more about the 10 Commandments. We are curious to find out what these rules/commandments may be.

Have a blessed day!

Miss O’Toole

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