Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday!

The preschoolers started their morning by coloring a picture of our letter of the week, Q! Many preschoolers noticed the resemblance between the letter O and the letter Q.

At circle time we read a story called “5 Silly Turkeys”. We used our fingers to count after each turkey went away and found out how many were left!

During centers we practiced writing the letter Q in a combo of orange paint and shaving cream (to look like pumpkin pie)! The sensory table was filled with feathers and we talked about how the feathers felt in our hands. In the dramatic play center, the preschoolers pretended to make a Thanksgiving feast for one another! In the math center the preschoolers rolled some dice to figure out how many feathers to put on their turkey. The feathers were glue to clothes pins and the turkey was a paper plate. We also had some cutting and name recognition practice today. The 3 year olds made short snips on the sides of their turkey feathers (to make the feathers look textured) and then found all of the letters in their names. The 4 year olds cut out their own feathers and wrote each letter of their name on a feather!

During Jesus time we talked with our friend Zippy about rules. We all discussed why rules are important and why we need to have them. This is leading us up to the Ten Commandments, that we will learn later this week.


Tomorrow night is the Kindergarten Open House at the k-8 campus from 6-8.

We will have no school November 23-27!

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

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