Terrific Thursday


Today we had an unusually small group today. There were only 7 friends in preschool today!

Our day started by coloring a picture of a car. We all figured out that car starts with C! We worked on our grandparents day songs at circle time. We have really done a GREAT job learning them. Ask your child to sing them for you at home.

We learned about another symbol of our country today. We learned that the bald eagle represents America because of it is strong and beautiful. We talked a bit about how it also represents freedom, but this was a tough concept! 🙂 We watched a video of a bald eagle flying away. The kiddos thought this was so interesting and wanted to watch the video over and over!

During centers the preschoolers worked on red, white and blue sorting. Tweezers were used to transfer objects so that we could work on fine motor strength. The preschoolers used blocks to create roads for CARS. There was an alphabet matching center using magnetic letters and ABC cards.

Our project of the day was to make a handprint eagle. These will be on display in the hallway for grandparents day!

Zippy visited us during Jesus time today. He came dressed in a cape, just like a superhero. Zippy was feeling all mighty, like he could solve any problem! We reminded Zippy that without God, we could not solve all of our problems and that we NEED God to be with us. At the end we all shouted “GOD is our HERO!!” The preschoolers had so much fun interacting with Zippy today!


Tomorrow is our Faith in Action day at the K-8 campus! Drop off is from 8:00-8:15. Pick-up for all will be at 11:45. Aftercare is provided from 11:45-6:00 if needed. A hot lunch (grilled cheese sandwich, green beans, fruit and teddy grahams) will be provided at 11:00. E-mail me with any questions!

Please send your child in their black SHINE t-shirt.

If your child brought in canned goods, they may wear a hat to school tomorrow!


Miss O’Toole

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