Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday!

This week will be patriotic week at school! We are also learning about our new letter of the week, C!

This morning we started our day by coloring a picture of the letter C. During circle time we said goodbye to October and hello to November! (Can you believe it’s already November??) The preschoolers always get so excited when they get to learn about a new month. We also talked about our American flag this morning. After saying the Pledge of Allegiance (which the preschoolers have pretty much mastered at this point!!!) we talked about the colors we saw on the flag. We talked about how many stars and stripes were on the flag. We all counted together and were amazed that there were 50 stars on the flag! 🙂

Some highlights from centers were making our own American flags. The 4 year olds were able to cut their stripes and assemble the rest of their flag. The 3 year olds were given pre-cut pieces and were asked to assemble their flag! (These are hanging in the hallway at school!) The preschoolers also dobbed the letter C today and had some practice writing it too. We also practiced making the letter C in shaving cream and spelled our own names with ABC magnets!

During Jesus time we began to learn the plan that God had for Moses. We heard about how God wanted Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt away from Pharaoh. We talked about how Pharaoh chased after Moses with an army and how then Moses was trapped between Pharaoh’s army and the Red Sea. This is where the story left off. The looks on their faces showed they could not wait to find out what happens to Moses next! We will find out on Wednesday!

Have a great evening!

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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