Tip-Top Tuesday


We started our day by reviewing some letters that we have learned so far this school year! The preschoolers were asked to write the letters (H,T,I) on their paper. After they were finished they were able to play with blocks on the carpet.

Our story for the morning was called “The Little Scarecrow Boy”. This story told of a little scarecrow who wanted to be like his father to scare the crows away from the field. This helped to get us ready for our project during center time!

When out on the playground today, the children were playing so nicely and having so much fun (not to mention the weather was GREAT), that Mrs. Hofman and I decided to let them play a bit longer! They loved being able to spend more time outside!

Centers are always a favorite time for the preschool students! Today, we dressed up like scarecrows and pretended to “scare” the crows away. I also had rakes and fake leaves for the preschoolers to pretend raking! We also had our writing center with dry erase boards to practice writing our letters and to do some free drawing. There was a math center where the students we able to count and engage in number recognition. We also had our fall sensory table out. The preschoolers love scooping, counting and grabbing handfuls of the beans in the sensory table. During centers, Mrs. Hofman called out some friends to work on creating books called “Where is the Crow?”. These books worked on positional words such as below, above, next to, etc. This proved to be difficult for some but practicing this at home will help! 🙂 I pulled students out to create our handprint crows! These were fun for the preschoolers! They loved the feeling of the paint on their hands.

We had a great day in preschool!

Don’t forget about Parent-Teacher conferences on Thursday, October 22. A note came home today in your child’s folder as a reminder of your conference time!

There will be no school on Friday, October 23.

Have a blessed evening! See some of you tomorrow!!

Miss O’Toole

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