Wonderful Wednesday


What should you do if your clothes are on fire? STOP, DROP and ROLL! This was one of the things that the preschoolers learned today during our morning meeting time! Each preschooler had the chance to practice and each took this very seriously!

We also practiced what to do in case their is a fire in our building. We practiced stopping what we were doing in the classroom, lining up quickly and quietly and staying in line and walking until prompted to stop by the teacher. The kiddos did a WONDERFUL job at this! They pretended as if there really was a fire. Mrs. Wolfgram and I were so impressed by their hard work that each preschooler got to put a marble in the jar!

Centers were a busy time for the preschoolers:
Craft/Project: We finger painted with red, yellow and orange paint to create flames. The preschoolers loved using their fingers to paint and loved putting their own special touch on their work. These were left at school to dry. Look for these in your child’s folder on their next day of attendance.
Writing: We practiced writing the letter I. The preschoolers are really picking up the way to form the letters. Some of us also wrote in our journals about, “If I were a firefighter, I would…”.
Fine Motor/Manipulative: We used firetruck playdough mats and the preschoolers were able to add detail to these trucks (hose, ladder, wheels). We also did some ABC and firetruck puzzles. The preschoolers always love working on puzzles.
Dramatic Play: The preschoolers built houses and buildings our of wooden blocks and dressed up in fire hats and jackets. After this they were given firetrucks and pretended to put out fires on the buildings they built.Phones were put into the center so that the preschoolers could practice and pretend calling 911.

Pastor Biber led us in a chapel service this morning. He talked with us about prayer and the reasons that we should pray. We talked about how prayer is a time to talk to God.

Book orders are due by Friday, October 16.

If you have not already, please sign up for a parent teacher conference!

Miss O’Toole

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