Tip- Top Tuesday

Hello Preschool Parents!

Why are loud noises helpful? This was one of many questions asked during our circle time this morning. We learned about the loud noise a smoke detector makes (beep, beep, beep) and what the job of a smoke detector is. The children learned that if they hear a smoke detector, they stop what they are doing, get out of the house and stay out. We continued to practice our song “If There’s Ever a Fire”…

If there’s ever a fire, a fire, a fire
If there’s ever a fire,
Oh what should you do?

You should get out and stay out and stay out and stay out.
You should get out and stay out.
That’s what you should do!

Ask your child to sing this to you!

We also talked about calling 911. We discussed that we only call 911 if there is a fire or if someone is very hurt (We distinguished this from a scrape on the knee). We found these numbers on a play phone in the classroom and each child had a chance to practice dialing 911.

Our centers of the day were:

Craft/Project: We painted red phones and cut them out. These were sent home and can be used to have your child practice calling 911. We also used fine motor skills to crumple tissue paper to put on the numbers 911. We reminded the children that these can be used to remind them what number to call in case of an emergency.
ABC: The preschoolers used visual discrimination to match letters. All 26 letters were written around plates and the preschoolers had to match a clothespin with the matching letter to the plate. Fine motor skills were used to squeeze the clothespin onto the plate.
Puzzles: Alphabet puzzles were available for preschoolers use at this time.
Dramatic Play: The preschoolers built houses and buildings our of wooden blocks and dressed up in fire hats and jackets. After this they were given firetrucks and pretended to put out fires on the buildings they built.Phones were put into the center so that the preschoolers could practice and pretend calling 911.
Water Table- The preschoolers had a chance to put out fires of their own! Foam flames were floating in our water table. The preschoolers used their fingers to fill eyedroppers with water and aimed the eyedropper at the “flame”. The goal was to put the flame out!

During Jesus time, we talked about the story of Jacob and Esau. We learned that Jacob took advantage of his fathers blindness and tricked him into believing that he was Esau. The children were shocked to hear this but new that if Jacob wanted to feel better, all he needed was God’s forgiveness! We also talked about how it was wrong to trick and lie to the people that we love. The preschoolers were anxious to hear about the next part of Jacob and Esau’s story.

Don’t forget to send in your book orders! They are due by Friday, October 16.

Please stop by the classroom to sign up for a Parent-Teacher conference. Slots are being filled quickly!

Have a great evening!

Miss O’Toole

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