Wonderful Wednesday


Today we continued to learn about the parts of our body. We talked about our arms, legs, belly, feet, hands, elbows, knees, fingers and toes! WOW! We even reviewed the parts we learned about yesterday!

The children had a great time pointing to each of these body parts. We sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” to get the children up and moving, while continuing to practice identifying their body parts! We sang it over and over again! Ask your child to show you the motions at home. 🙂

This morning we used Playdough to practicing making bodies and different body parts! The preschoolers love using Playdough and would use it all day if I let them.

We also had our first chapel service this morning! We talked about how it is important for us to be respectful while in God’s House. We talked about how we sit quietly and how we should act. The children paid attention and had a great time listening to and interacting with Pastor Biber!

Center time was enjoyed very much by the Preschoolers today! Here is what we did:

Art Center: We practiced tracing our hands with crayons and used a stamp pad to put our fingerprints on the paper.
Sensory Table: We used shaving cream again today to practice making our letter “L” and to draw people with faces and body parts. For some of the kiddos this was a big hit and others are still unsure.
Writing Center: We used our letter “L” paper to continue practicing how this letter is made. Today we used glue and yarn to help us make this letter. This was difficult for some but all were excited to try it out.
Block Center: The wooden blocks were used today. The children were encouraged to make the letter “L” out of the wooden blocks.
Potato Head Center: The preschoolers were able to use what we have learned about the body in our Mr. Potato Head center. The children had a good time giving Mr. Potato Head silly faces and putting on his arms, legs and shoes!

We had a great day today. Our marble jar is getting very full!

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Tip-Top Tuesday

Hello Preschool Parents!

We have a slight change in our theme for this week. Instead of learning about the 5 senses, we will be focusing on learning about our bodies! I feel that this will better lead in to understanding the 5 senses.

We had a new friend, Riley start today! The children were so welcoming and helped her out with our rules on her first day of school! It was amazing to see the love they shared with her and how willing they were help! Welcome Riley!

Today we learned all about our heads and faces! We talk about all of the parts that make up our face (eyes, mouth, teeth, nose, ears, hair) and even counted how many of each we had! We also talked about our brains and how our brains help us to remember and learn new things! We met a friend named Mat Man who helped us to learn about our bodies and we sang a song about him!

Mat Man has 1 head, 1 head, 1 head. Mat Man has 1 head so that he can…think!
Mat Man has 2 eyes, 2 eyes, 2 eyes. Mat Man has 2 eyes so that he can…see!
Mat Man has 1 nose, 1 nose, 1 nose. Mat Man has 1 nose so that he can…smell!
(We continued on with mouth and ears)

Today we began our letter study and started with the letter “L”. We looked at this letter and practiced making it with our fingers in the air. I had a container full of objects that started with the letter “L”. As I pulled these items out the children would say the name of the object (Lizard, Lion, Light-bulb, Legos, etc.) aloud and we made sure to point out that each object started with the letter L. We also started creating a poster of “things that start with the letter “L” and will be working on it throughout the week!

During centers we reinforced what was taught and learned at circle time. We created “funny faces” in our art center that reinforced what we have on our faces! The children were able to pick and choose their own eyes, nose mouth and hair to create a face. This was definitely a fan favorite.
In our sensory center, we used shaving cream to help us practice making the letter “L” and to make faces with hair, eyes, a nose and mouth! Some of the children were a little hesitant to give it a try but overall it was enjoyed by all. In our manipulatives center today, the children had an opportunity to make Mr. Potato Head. They were able to make their own creations using different parts of the body. Our writing center involved stamps that started with the letter “L” and using fine motor skills to place them on a paper with the letter “L”. We continue to use our block center as a way to practice our building and balancing skills.

During Jesus time, we continue to talk about the wonderful world and all of the things that God made. We specifically talked about how we might make mistakes or mess up what God has created, but no matter what God will forgive us. At the end of Jesus time, we talked sang a song about everything that God made! The children had a great time signing, dancing and clapping! 🙂

I look forward to a great week!

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Fantastic Friday

Happy Friday!

Today we closed out our color week. The children had an awesome time learning about the colors this week!

Today we focused on the colors BLACK, WHITE and GRAY! During our circle time we watched and sang our color songs using the Smartboard! The preschoolers love that they can see what they are singing about. We talked about things we knew that were BLACK, WHITE and GRAY and came up with bats, black cats, snow, Santa’s beard, ghosts, mice and elephants!

During center time we continued to learn about our colors. We finished up our color books by adding magazine cut outs to our final pages. In our art center, the preschoolers were able to experience color mixing. We put on smocks and used our hands to explore what happens when we mix paint. We used black and white and saw what color was created when we mixed it! The preschoolers loved this hands on activity. In our block center the students used their imaginations and experimented with stacking blocks and made wonderful creations. They are always so proud of what they create! 🙂 In the sensory table, the preschoolers continued to use their hands, cups and to find hidden items within the rice.

At Jesus time, we talked some more about all of the wonderful things that God made. We used a poster that was created earlier in the week to help us remember and review these things. We talked about how it was so kind that God created our wonderful world and we sang a song of praise to Him!

Have a great extended weekend!

Miss O’Toole

Terrific Thursday

Thursday, September 3

Happy Thursday!

Today was another colorful day in our classroom!

During circle time this morning, we reviewed colors that had been learned earlier this week, we looked at pictures and talked about other things that were those colors. Today we focused most on PINK and BROWN! We sang songs about the colors PINK and BROWN and were able to name things that were each color (cotton candy, pigs, chocolate and chocolate cake)!

During centers we continued to add new pages to our color books, built with blocks that were PINK and BROWN, found hidden items in our sensory table and used marble painting to create pigs in the mud! The preschoolers had a blast with this new form of painting!

At Jesus time, we talked to our puppet friend Zippy. Zippy told us a story about how his dad built a house and it took a very long time. We compared this to Jesus and how he created the world. Although it may seem difficult to create the world, Jesus only needed his words to do so! The children were amazed to learn about this and hear this story!

Have a wonderful evening and I will see some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday, September 2

Hello Preschool Parents!

I was finally able to figure out how to get the blog going! YAY!

I will post, daily, to let you know what your preschoolers did throughout the day.
This week is color week. The two colors that we focused on today were BLUE and ORANGE!

During circle time we talked about different things we knew that were ORANGE and BLUE. We came up with things like bluebirds, the sky, the ocean, oranges and carrots! We sang songs and used the Smartboard to help us practice our colors even more.

During centers, we painted a BLUE ocean and put a little ORANGE fish swimming around. As we painted, we talked about the ocean being BLUE and the fish being ORANGE. At the block center we used BLUE and ORANGE blocks to build. The sensory table has been a huge hit in our classroom. This week we have rice in our table and hidden inside are different colored items (blocks, letters, numbers, critters) corresponding with the colors of the day. It is the job of the children to use our scoopers and cups to find these items hidden in the rice. Although it made a bit of a mess, they had so much fun exploring in this center.
Today in our writing center, we continued to work on our color books. We used BLUE and ORANGE construction paper along with BLUE and ORANGE pictures from magazines to continue creating our color books!

At Jesus time today we talked about all of the things that God created. We created a poster during our discussion so that we could see and remember all of the wonderful things that God made!

These preschoolers continue to surprise me each day!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole