Tip-Top Tuesday

Hello Preschool Parents,

Today was the last day of our shape study! We will continue to review and practice our shapes throughout the year.

We continued to practice the letter “H” which is our letter of the week. We used our “H” mystery bucket to find words that start with the letter “H”. We found a heart, horse, horn and hat. The kiddos and I made our letter H in the air with our fingers and practiced making the sound of the letter.

We read a story called “If Jesus Came to My House”. We found the word that started with the letter “H” in the title. The kiddos were so intrigued by this story and listened intently the whole way through even though it was a long book! We talked about some of the things that we would do if Jesus came to our house!

Here were our centers of the day:

Art: Our three year olds used shapes of different colors to create a shape collage. We talked about the different shapes and colors as the preschoolers worked. The four year olds used their shapes to create a picture. They really used their imaginations to make some wonderful creations. (These will be displayed in the hallway, stop by to check them out!)
Library: Today the kiddos were given books that were about shapes, colors and the letter “H”. They were able to sit in our rocking chairs or on pillows while looking at and reading the books.
ABC/Writing Center: The preschoolers used fine motor skills to place stickers on the letter H. The students then used crayons to write their own letter H on the same paper.
Dramatic Play: The preschoolers were encouraged to try on HATS and look at themselves in the mirror while going to the kitchen to find foods that start with the letter H.
Carpet Center: At this center the students were able to pretend play using one of our big doll HOUSES. We talked before centers about how house starts with the Letter H.

During Jesus time, our friend Zippy came to visit and was talking an awful lot about himself. He said he was the best and he was the greatest. We reminded Zippy that Jesus is number one and that without Him, we could not do anything!

Have a wonderful evening and see most of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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