Terrific Thursday


Another great day in our classroom today.

The students came into the classroom this morning and worked together to complete a Noah’s Ark puzzle. They really enjoyed problem solving with one another to find out where each piece fit.

We learned about rectangles and continued to review the other shapes learned earlier in the week. The students have had fun hearing fun rhymes and ways to remember special things about each shape.
The preschoolers also took time during outdoor play to look for and point out rectangles that they saw on the playground.

Our centers today incorporated many different skills and aspects of our learning. We used shape puzzles to help with shape recognition and to get us thinking about where each piece fit. The students were able to paint the letter E to help them understand how the letter is formed and to continue giving them letter identification/recognition. A fan favorite today was “building” Noah’s Ark in our blocks center. The preschoolers used wooden blocks, tools and animals to create and sail in Noah’s Ark. The students also worked to match different shapes (rectangles, squares, circles and triangles) to their outline on a white piece of paper. The kiddos really took their time with this. The final center was sorting pattern block shapes into their appropriate category.

During Jesus time, the children and I sang “The Ants go Marching”. We paraded around the carpet singing the song in our very best voices. We also stopped throughout the song to have the children tell which animal they would like to add to the song next. The kiddos absolutely love learning the story of Noah.

Thank you for your help!

See some of you tomorrow.

Miss O’Toole

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