Wonderful Wednesday

Hello Preschool Parents!

Every morning during circle time the children love singing our good morning song. This morning we practiced singing it in a deep voice and sang it in a whisper voice! The children love trying new ways to sing our songs.

During our circle time we continued to explore the letter “E”. We used our mystery box and a story called “MY E Book” to find more words that start with the letter “E”. We found Eskimo, Elf and Eagle. We even found a friend in our class whose name started with E and drew a picture of them on our letter board!

We also discussed the triangle as our next shape. We talked about how many sides a triangle has. The Smartboard was used to show us everyday things that are shaped like a triangle (chips, yield signs, flags). Then we heard a little rhyme from our friend Tommy Triangle!

During center time today we focused a lot on all shapes.

Art: The students were able to build shapes today using popsicle sticks. The three year olds were given lines to use as a guide for building the shapes. The four year olds were asked to construct the shapes on their own with only a visual to use as a guideline!
Math: The students had sheets with 4 different shapes on each (square, circle, triangle, rectangle) and were given pattern blocks to sort and separate.
Sensory: The children continued to use shape sheets to roll Playdough to create different shapes.
Writing: The preschoolers used dry erase boards and stencils to practice tracing different shapes. The four year olds were also asked to write the letter E.

During Jesus time we continued to learn the story of Noah and the Ark. We learned about God’s promise to never send another flood again. They loved to see the rainbow as a sign of God’s promise.

Have a blessed day.

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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