Tip Top Tuesday


We started off our day with pictures! Thank you all for being so patient and working with me during this time! The children were so wonderful and I cannot (and I know you cannot) wait to see their beautiful smiles in the pictures!

We welcomed a new teacher’s aide, Mrs. Hoffman into our classroom today. The children welcomed her with open arms! Mrs. Hoffman is a teacher who brings many years of experience into our room. We are so blessed to have her.

Today we talked about a new shape, the circle. We looked at a book with no pictures that showed many things that were round. The preschoolers liked pointing out the things in the book that were round/circular and then liked searching our classroom for round/circular things. We talked about what makes a circle, a circle and while together on the carpet traced circles with our fingers.

Our centers of the day were:

Art: The children used toilet paper rolls dipped in paint to put circles all over their paper. They named the color of paint that was used and even tried to count all of their circles.
Sensory: The preschoolers used Playdough to create different shapes as shown on our shape cards. They used their hands to roll pieces together to make the different shapes.
Math: We had two different math centers today. The first involved the preschoolers sorting shapes into differently labeled bags (heart, circle, square, rectangle). The students also matched shapes to their outlines according to size. The second math center involved the use of Geo boards. These were used to give the children the opportunity to have the students create shapes of different sizes by stretching rubberbands along pegs.
Fine motor: The preschoolers were able to practice using scissors today. They were shown the proper form and the rules for using the scissors. Once students demonstrated this, they were able to make small snips all around the paper.

During Jesus time we read and learned the story of Noah and the Ark. The preschoolers had a chance to bring the animals up to the ark, 2 by 2. We will continue to explore this story a bit more.

Thank you!

Miss O’Toole

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