Terrific Thursday

Hello Preschool Parents,

I’m sorry for not posting for the past two days, I have had some computer and wifi connection problems! I am happy to say that everything is back to normal and running smoothly.

We finished up our study of the five senses today with TASTE and SMELL.

At circle time this morning we added our last two pieces to Mr. Potato Head. We added a nose for him to SMELL and a mouth for him to TASTE. We discussed some of our favorite things to SMELL (cookies, stinky shoes, flowers) and some of our favorite things to TASTE. (pizza, broccoli, ice cream)

We finished up our study of the letter “F” and read a book called My Little “F” Book. It was a rhyming story that incorporated many things that start with the letter F. The kiddos had fun pointing out things they knew started with the letter “F”.

Here were our centers for the day:

Sensory Table: The students used our homemade snow in the sensory center today. The students love to mold and build with this. It even had a great SMELL to fit our 5 senses theme.
Taste Center: The preschoolers had fun tasting foods that were sweet, salty, bitter and sour. We even made a graph of our favorite TASTE.
Music Center: The preschoolers enjoyed experimenting with different musical instruments. They loved listening to the different noises they made.
Writing/ABC Center: Today the preschoolers used stamps that started with the letter “F” and put them onto a big letter “F”. After finishing they used chalkboards to continue to practice making the letter “F.

All week during Jesus time the kiddos have been learning about Adam and Eve and the first sin. They have really enjoyed learning about this story!

Have a great extended weekend! See some of you on Monday!

Miss O’Toole

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