Marvelous Monday

We had a great start to the week today!

Mrs. Wolfgram was sick today 🙁 so we had Mrs. Albrecht sub for her today. The children were very welcoming of her and loved having her in the classroom.

We are learning about the 5 senses this week! Today we started off with sight!

At circle time this morning we talked about what helps us to see and found that it is our eyes. We looked around the room and talked about what we saw.

A Mr. Potato head is being used to help us keep track of the senses that we have talked about. We will add a piece to Mr. Potato head each day as a new sense is learned!

We also read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Eric Carle. The preschooler had fun reciting lines in the story with me and making predictions as to what the animals would see next!

Before beginning our gross motor play outside, we took a walk around the playground and talked about some of the things that we saw. The preschoolers said things like slides, leaves, trees, cars and the city.

We are continuing our alphabet study and are moving forth with the letter “F”. I used my “F” mystery bucket to pull out objects that start with the letter “F”. The children had fun identifying these objects and coming up with other things that started with the letter F. We are making a poster of things that start with letter “F” and have so far come up with frog, football, fence, feet, fish and fan! WOW!!

Here were our centers for the day:

Writing Center: Today in the writing center we used our nature walk to influence our writing. In each child’s journal I wrote the sentence “When I was outside, I saw ________ with my eyes”. The children were asked to tell me a word to fill in the blank and then were to draw a picture of what they saw.

ABC Center: The children glued feathers to the letter “F”. We discussed that the word feather starts with the letter “F”.

Carpet Center: Today we used mirrors so that we could see ourselves. The children were given hats and glasses to use as they looked at themselves in the mirrors. The preschooler had an opportunity to draw a picture of what they saw in the mirror.

Math Center: Today we used our fine motor skills to help us sort beads of different shapes and colors into an appropriate bowl. The children were able to grip the beads using kid friendly tweezers (these even matched the colors of the beads). The preschoolers loved this center.

Sensory Table: The rice table was brought out again and the children were asked to search the rice bin for googly eyes that were hidden inside. (Googly eyes were used to reiterate the sight concept)

During Jesus time, we learned about Adam and Eve and the first sin that was committed. Dolls and props were used to help the children visualize and interact with the story. Before today’s lesson, I had never seen them so focused at the carpet! We sang a song today about how Jesus came to save us. The song was to the tune of “London Bridge”.
Everybody needs a Savior, Needs a Savior, Needs a Savior. Everybody needs a Savior. Yes, we do now!
Jesus came to save us all, save us all, save us all. Jesus came to save us all. Jesus loves us!

I am looking forward to a good day tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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