Fantastic Friday

What a fun filled week full of learning!

The kiddos learned so much this week and really showed an interest in their learning.

Today we focused on our hearts, blood and blood vessels! (That’s right, blood vessels) The kiddos learned at carpet time that our heart pumps our blood throughout our body and that the blood travels to all parts of our body through tiny tubes called blood vessels. They were all so excited about learning this! Take time to ask them some questions! 🙂

We also finished with the letter L today! The four year olds completed their “L” page in their Handwriting Without Tears workbook. They really enjoy this special time spent on writing!

Here is what our centers looked like today:

Art Center: We used our circle time discussion to influence our art center. The preschoolers used red and blue crayons to draw blood vessels all throughout their body. I was very impressed by their ability to stay so focused during this time.
Science Center: The students had so much fun in this new center today! We took a hands-on approach in exploring how blood travels through our blood vessels. We used eye-droppers to collect water. The students then used the eye-droppers to drop the water through a thin straw (to simulate how blood goes through the blood vessels). The preschoolers could not wait to get a chance in this center.
Writing Center: Today in the writing center the students had an opportunity to write a letter to anyone of their choice. They were able to write/draw about anything they wanted, then had to fold the paper and put it in the envelope. The kiddos had a great time in this center.
Blocks Center: Today the preschoolers used the wooden blocks to build a hospital for people who were sick. We had little people that were used as patients. The preschoolers were very motivated to build an awesome hospital.
Dramatic Play: Each group of preschoolers had a chance to engage in dramatic play. This is always a favorite of the children.

In our Jesus time today, we closed out our creation chapter and did an end of chapter activity. The children all had an opportunity to draw and color one thing that God had created on a large poster sheet. The children had fun telling Mrs. Wolfgram and me about what they drew! Come check out our great creation that is hanging in the hallway!

Have a great weekend.

Miss O’Toole

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