Terrific Tuesday

What a fun Tuesday at school!

Today we talked about some fun things to do outside in the summer time. Swimming, playing and going to the park were fan favorites. We also talked about blowing bubbles. We created this fun in the classroom by mixing soap, water and paint. We used straws to make our bubbles, when the bubbles were blown we pressed our papers on top to create bubble art. The preschoolers had so much fun with this activity and did not want to stop.

Many of us have also brought home our number books and abc yarn books. If your child has not brought these home yet, they will before the end of the week!

During chapel, Pastor Phil had us think back on our school year, the friends we made, the things we learned, the fun we had! We remembered that all of this is possible because Jesus loves us!

We have been reading books about summer time and love hearing all of the fun things that can be done in the summer time.

Don’t forget about our closing program from 11:30-12:00 on Friday. All preschoolers are invited to join for this fun day! School will be dismissed at 12:00 and no lunch will be served on this day.

I look forward to more fun this week!

Miss O’Toole

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