Terrific Thursday

Today we spent time talking about all of the fun things that can be done when you go camping. Swimming, roasting marshmallows, boat riding and fishing were all mentioned.

We focused on fishing. We watched a video on the Smartboard telling us how we could safely fish and important things to remember when fishing.

Our centers were very fishing focused..
-we used bubble wrap to make scale prints on fish. When dry, they were attached to a fishing pole.
-our sensory tub was filled with water rocks and sticks to mimick a pond. There were also magnetic letters and numbers. The preschoolers used magnetic fishing poles to fish for these.
-we played a fishing game at the table. The preschoolers took turns fishing for cards that matched a boat that was in front of them.

During Jesus time, we talked with Zippy about how the Holy Spirit helps us grow in Jesus. We learned about the different fruits of the spirit. Can your preschooler tell you these?

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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