Marvelous Monday

This week is camping week in preschool: during circle time, we sat around a “fire” talk and read. We talked about when we go camping and some of the things we can do while camping. Can your preschooler tell you?

We decided to go on a nature walk today because when you go camping you spend time outdoors. We made binoculars using tp tubes. As we went on our nature walk, we used a checklist to mark off the things we saw. Ask your preschooler what they saw.

During centers we used tin cans and rocks to do some counting and sorting. We used marshmallows and paint to make some patterns.

During Jesus time we read about when the Holy Spirit helped men of different nations and tongues understand each other. Ask your preschooler what helped them to understand.

See some of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

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