Tip-Top Tuesday

The shape of the day today was a square. The preschoolers had fun learning all about a square and its four sides that are the same. They also loved deciding which objects looked like squares.

During our music and movement time, we did “The Shape Pokey”. We used some shapes from our math center and practiced putting shapes in and out of the circle. The preschoolers loved doing this and we will continue it as we learn more shapes.

Our centers of the day were:
-Building the letter F with Playdough
-Sorting different shapes
-Square dobber sheet
-Building a square in the block center

During Jesus time, our friend Zippy came to visit again and continued talking about the new home his dad made. He noted that his dad made some errors when building the house, but God made no errors when creating the world.

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Marvelous Monday

This week we started our shapes theme in preschool. We started our week with circles. We learned that circles have a round edge that keeps going and going. We learned a shape poem from our friend Suzy circle and will continue to learn more with each shape that is introduced.

During centers we focused greatly on circles. In our building center, there was a circle taped on the ground and the preschoolers used blocks to build and trace around the circle. The preschoolers were so focused and loved working in this center. Our three other centers were:
-A shape beading and lacing center (to work on those fine motor skills)
– Circle stamping center (as seen in pictures below)
– Circle dobber center (pre-writing)

The letter F was introduced today as our friend Sam brought the letter bag. Sam shared things like a FLAG, FORK and FLOWER. We also sang our letter of the week song and practiced making the letter F sound. The preschoolers sat down at the table and we made the next page for our yarn ABC book.

During Jesus time we continued talking about how God created the world. We learned that God didn’t need any supplies or materials to create the world. He only needed His Word.



See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Terrific Thursday

Today was an exciting day in preschool!

We had a special guest from the Carondelet Library come and read some stories to us! The preschoolers were very excited to welcome her and loved listening to her stories! She will be visiting us once a month.

The preschoolers rotated through 4 centers today:
-Alphabet puzzle center
-Letter L dobber center
-A pom pom transfer center (The preschoolers used tweezers to transfer pom poms from a bowl into an egg carton) This focused on fine motor skills and one-to-one correspondence)
-Reading center

The preschoolers love cuddling up with a stuffed animal and reading a story!

Here are some photos from our activities today!




Hope you have a great day!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Wonderful Wednesday

This week the preschoolers have started taking jobs in the classroom! This week the jobs we are using are calendar helper, weather helper, line leader and prayer helper. They are so excited when they find out it is their time to do a job!

Today the project of the day was to make a paper plate puppet that looked like each preschooler. They used a mirror to look at their facial features to help them create a face that looked like theirs! This was a great self-awareness activity.

During center time we rotated through centers. These centers were:
-Fine motor peg boards
-creating the letter L out of playdough
-reading center

The preschoolers are doing a wonderful job rotating through each center and cleaning up when they are done.

During Jesus time, we met our puppet friend Zippy. Zippy will join us many times throughout the year to help us learn more about Jesus. The preschoolers were so excited to meet him for the first time.

Have a great day!

Tip-Top Tuesday

We continued our study of the letter L today! We used a mystery bucket (filled with items that start with the letter L) and discovered many things that start with the letter L like lizard, lightbulb and lettuce. We also learned a song to help us remember the letter L (to the tune of BINGO). As your preschooler if they can remember the song.

During center time, we rotated through 3 different centers and spent about 3-4 minutes in each center. These were:
-Photo puzzle mathcing
-Building the letter L out of blocks
-Reading quietly in the reading center

The preschoolers did a wonderful job listening and rotating.

During our free play time, we continued working on our body tracings. The preschoolers are doing a great job adding their facial features and coloring in their clothing! These will look great when they are hanging in the hall.

During Jesus time, we learned the story of Creation. We learned everything that God created and how he thought IT WAS GOOD! Ask your preschooler about some of the things God created!

Here are a couple pictures from our day at school.



See you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Marvelous Monday

Today starts our first full week of school!

This week we will begin out letter study! We started with the letter L (Handwriting without tears curriculum)!
Scarlet brought in the letter bag today and brought in many items that started with the letter L like lion, lunchbox and legos! We also began our letter yarn books this week. Each week we will use yarn and glue to make each letter and then the page will be added to our book. These will be sent home at the end of the year!

We started a week long project today. To fit in with our “All About Me” theme, we are making ourselves. Miss Ronda and I helped trace each of the preschoolers bodies and after they were able to add clothes, facial features, hair and shoes! These will take all week to complete and will be displayed in the hallway when finished!Be sure to stop by and check them out! 🙂

During center time, I began calling the preschoolers over two at a time to engage in our center of the day! I created puzzles out of pictures of the children and each preschooler came over to match the pieces together. This was so exciting for the preschoolers as the puzzles were matched and they saw their friends faces! This is also a great way for them to remember their friends faces and names.

During Jesus time, we began talking about how God created each of us. We talked about how he took time to create each of us, making sure we had the parts we needed. We used Playdough to show how God created each part! This was a great visual!




Have a wonderful day!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Fantastic Friday

We have completed our first week! It was a wonderful first week and I feel so blessed to be teaching such a wonderful group of preschoolers!

This morning we used the Smartboard for the first time! The preschoolers eyes were glued to the screen as we did a lesson on how to use our whole bodies to listen and learn. When the lesson was over each preschooler had a chance to come up to the Smartboard to play a crayon counting game! They were all so eager and some even said “IT WAS LIKE MAGIC” 🙂

Our project for today continued our theme of getting to know our friends. We did a painting project called “Friendship Art”. In this project I had each paper right next to another and the preschoolers were able to help their friends paint! They had fun putting their touches on each friends paper!



I hope you have a great weekend!

Miss O’Toole

Terrific Thursday

We had another wonderful day of preschool! It was the first day for some friends and the friends who had one day under their belt set a wonderful example and were so helpful to our new friends!

We continued to review our school rules and gave examples of how we can follow each rule. It is wonderful to see the preschoolers think about our rules as they play with their friends. I also love that they are reminding each other of the rules when some forget 🙂

Today during centers, the preschoolers were free to play around the room. During centers I called them over to paint at the easel. They were all so eager to have a turn to paint!

The preschoolers were most excited to play outside today! They kept asking when it would be time to go and play.
Here are a couple photos from our time outside!


IMG_2457 (1)

Have a wonderful day!

See many of you tomorrow!

Miss O’Toole

Wonderful Wednesday

WOW! What a wonderful first day of preschool we had today! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and sweet group of preschoolers. I am so excited to see where this school year takes us.

The theme of this short week is: Get to know your teacher, friends and school rules. Today we got to know our friends through a fun get-to-know you game! The preschoolers took turns rolling a yellow ball around the circle to a new friend and each shared their name and favorite color!

We also learned about the different centers/sections of the room. We talked about how we play with our toys and how to put them away when we are done. The preschoolers were such great listeners and were quick to learn the rules.

We spent most of our center time playing around the room and getting to know our friends!

We hope you enjoyed the sweet handprint project that was sent home today!

I look forward to the rest of this year!

Miss O’Toole